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Young Thug Cuts Through the Noise and Our Hearts with New Song "Safe"

"I Will Never Quit"

by Phil Witmer
Feb 24 2017, 3:36pm

A whole bunch of stuff was released last night, and while deciding what to listen to first is a huge challenge thanks to one Atlanta rapper, a song from another one shouldn't be overlooked. Young Thug dropped a single called "Safe" that's one of the man's more emotional dispatches in quite some time (and we all heard JEFFREY, too).

The song is a Wheezy-produced meditation that features Thug exploring seemingly every single nook of his broad vocal range, from plaintive yelps on the chorus to an odd flow on the third verse that sounds like Thug steadily transforming into Louis Armstrong. The video, also strangely, is reminiscent of prime Lil B content through Thug's solitary, charismatic mugging for the camera. As the YouTube description reads, Thug will never quit. Watch the "Safe" video below.

Phil is going to GIF the shit out of this clip. He's on Twitter.

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