Kevin Pillar Wants That Gold Glove

New season, same Pillar.

Apr 5 2016, 2:34pm

Two games into the season, Kevin Pillar is back to doing Kevin Pillar things.

After a breakout 2015 campaign that witnessed Pillar make one highlight-reel catch after another, he started off 2016 on a similar note.

With the Jays leading the Rays 5-3 in the seventh, Pillar nearly killed himself to rob Steve Pearce of extra bases, crashing into the wall to make the (early) catch of the season. We figure this won't be the last time Superman, err Pillar, will be sacrificing his body for an out.

Pillar, along with the Angels' Mike Trout, were finalists for the Gold Glove Award in center last season. Kevin Kiermaier of the Rays, the eventual winner, led the majors with 42 defensive runs saved (Pillar had 14).

It should be fun to watch the two AL East center fielders try to one-up each other again this season.