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Deep Dish Are Getting Back Together To Do Some Stuff

The deep house stalwarts are back. Hopefully their plans involve pizza.

by THUMP Staff
Jan 17 2014, 1:00am

The best part of breaking up is getting back together, obvs. Although legendary Washington D.C. duo Deep Dish split up in 2006, people were gutted, but as soon as 2011 the internet was speculating that these two dons of the funky 4x4s were going to get back together. If you're not familiar with this iconic tag-team or pehaps just have some serious memory loss brought on my too much "fun", Deep Dish dominated the late 90s and early 2000s with their high-profile, Grammy-winning remixes, their work with Madonna, their Yoshitoshi label, and their Miami Winter Music Conference sets that made more than one house head spontaneously nut.

This morning at 12 PM EST, the duo's new website went live containing some arrows, an audio clip containing what appears to be a new track, and a mysterious countdown clock. While it's obvious that Deep Dish are cooking something up, it's not clear exactly what. We took the time to speculate on what they might be about to announce.

1. The debut of the Deep Dish Deep Dish signature pizza at Pizzeria Uno. Mmmm pizza.
2. Deep Dish forms supergroup with DJ Hanzel and goes "Three Deeper."
3. The unveiling of Sharam & Dubfire's new stage made entirely out of pashmak (Persian cotton candy).
4. Deep Dish announce a new mysterious type of EDM called "Deep House."
5. Deep Dish debuts a clothing line sold exclusively at Kmart consisting entirely of tight black V-neck tees.
5. The duo sign partnership with Dish Network and debut the Deep Dish satellite dish emblazoned with Dubfire's face.
6. Deep Dish live set from submarine in Mariana's Trench.
7. Sharam vs Sharam Jey MMA Pay-Per-View fight.
8. Dubfire vs. Dubstep MMA Pay-Per-View fight. Yes, he is going to fight ALL of dubstep.

9. Deep Dish announce they've figured out how to turn their Grammy statue into a dub-cutting lathe.
10. A gig in Miami during Miami Music Week. Nah, that would be too obvious.