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Mastodon Literally Cheat Death (Almost) in Morbidly Comedic "Show Yourself" Video

Even the Grim Reaper has a boss to please.

by Phil Witmer
Mar 16 2017, 4:36pm

Death comes for us all eventually, but could gross incompetence impede even this most inevitable of truths? Mastodon has explored this theory in "Show Yourself," the first official video from their album Emperor of Sand. The clip follows a bumbling Grim Reaper tasked with bringing the band to the afterlife, only to mess up through repeated cases of mistaken identity with bloody, hilarious results. You kinda can't help but root for this dude, though. He just wants to get a new hearse!

Luckily (unfortunately?), even Mastodon aren't exempt from death and there's a surprise happy (tragic??) ending for our undead hero. You can watch the "Show Yourself" video below.

Phil is a Noisey staff writer. He's on Twitter.