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Someone Shipped $55 Million Worth of Cocaine to a Coca-Cola Factory

A Coca-Cola plant in France opened a shipping container that was supposed to be full of juice and discovered around 800 pounds of blow.

by Matthew James-Wilson
Aug 31 2016, 8:21pm

Photo via Flickr user Simon Berry

Photo via Flickr user Simon Berry

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Even though coca leaves haven't been used in Coca-Cola production since the 1880s, a Pablo Escobar–level shipment of cocaine somehow made its way into a French Coca-Cola factory this week, Bloomberg reports.

Employees of the Coca-Cola plant in the small town of Signes opened up a shipping container from Costa Rica that was supposed to be carrying orange juice.

Instead of finding OJ, though, the crew found a container filled with 815 pounds of blow—around $55 million worth, according to authorities. The thirsty employees called up the cops immediately to report the massive shipment.

The cocaine seizure is one of the largest in French history. Authorities are now investigating the plant and the distributor to try and figure out where the coke came from and, more importantly, what happened to the missing juice.

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