Massage Therapist Accused Of Jerking Off On The Job Blames Smelly Client For One-Handed Rubdown

There are no happy endings in this story.

by Manisha Krishnan
Jan 5 2016, 9:43pm

In a bizarre he said, she said case playing out in the BC court system right now, a registered massage therapist facing sex allegations is using his client's alleged body odour issues as a defence.

Prince George RMT Trevor Scott was accused of masturbating for 25 minutes straight while massaging a female patient during an appointment in 2014.

According to the College of Massage Therapists of BC, Scott "allegedly masturbated himself with his free hand, and touched or wiped his penis twice against the complainant's wrist, which was covered by a draping sheet." The woman didn't actually see Scott jerking off, the CBC reports, but heard him undoing his fly and then felt his penis on her arm. She later told the RCMP but didn't press charges; the police force passed the message onto the college.

Scott claims he wasn't masturbating, but was covering his face with one of his hands to shield himself from his client's excessive body odour.

While awaiting an official disciplinary hearing, slated for March, the college decided to restrict Scott from practising on female patients without a supervisor and instructed him to tell clients about the allegations he was facing.

Scott lawyered up and went to BC Supreme Court, arguing the order was unfair and should be lifted. He won, with the judge deciding the complainant could have looked up to confirm her suspicion that Scott was masturbating. The college is now challenging that decision in the BC Court of Appeal.

In order to place conditions on him prior to the disciplinary hearing, a panel must determine that the complainant's story is plausible. In this case, Scott's lawyer, John Green, told the CBC it isn't very likely that Scott was pleasuring himself for nearly half an hour while simultaneously keeping up the massage.

"It's certainly not something I've found in any case in Canada, and I've looked."

Photo via Flickr user gaelx

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