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This morning, it's revealed the government is losing out on $28 billion in annual tax revenue by keeping medical weed illegal, world powers agree to arm Libya to help it fight ISIS, Twitter will loosen its 140 character limit, and more.

by VICE Staff
May 17 2016, 1:53pm

Photo by James St John via Flickr.

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US News

Keeping Weed Illegal Costs Government $28 Billion Per Year
Keeping marijuana illegal means the federal government and states are losing out on $28 billion in annual tax revenue, according to a report by the Tax Foundation. The analysis shows that marijuana tax revenue in Colorado and Washington is exceeding all projections. —The Washington Post

Clinton Focuses on Trump Ahead of Primaries
As primary voters head to the polls in Oregon and Kentucky, Hillary Clinton is hoping to avoid a double defeat to Bernie Sanders that could erode faith in her ability to beat Donald Trump in the fall. The pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA will release its first election ads Wednesday, attacking Trump for his treatment of women. —USA Today

Mississippi Town Ordered to Desegregate Schools
A federal court has ordered a town in Mississippi to combine schools to fully desegregate its education system. Black students and white students have been largely separated into two different high schools in the town of Cleveland. The court has also ordered the merger of the town's middle school and junior high, also divided along racial lines. —Reuters

LA School District Settles Sexual Abuse Cases
The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) will pay $88 million to settle 30 cases of sexual abuse at two elementary schools in the city. The average payout will be about about $3 million per family. The school district's attorney said LAUSD was glad to "avoid potentially painful litigation." —Los Angeles Times

International News

World Powers to Arm Libya's Fight Against ISIS
The US and other world powers have said they are ready to arm Libya's new unity government to help it fight against ISIS. Libya has asked for an "exemption" from an international arms embargo, a request expected to be approved by the UN Sanctions Committee. —Al Jazeera

8,000 Canadian Oil Workers Evacuated in Wildfire
Around 8,000 oil sands workers in camps near Fort McMurray have been forced to evacuate for a second time as the wildfire headed towards them. Oil workers had returned in recent days to to restart production, but hot-dry winds have helped the wildfire spread 30 to 40 meters a minute north of Fort McMurray. —CBC News

Security Tightened as Chinese Leader Visits Hong Kong
Top Chinese official Zhang Dejiang has arrived in Hong Kong for a three-day visit, vowing "to listen to all sectors of society." Although Dejiang, the leader responsible for Hong Kong affairs, will meet with pro-democracy lawmakers, more than 6,000 police have been deployed for the protests expected by pro-democracy groups.—BBC News

North Korea Appoints Nuclear Negotiator as Foreign Minister
North Korea has named a former nuclear negotiator as the country's new foreign minister. Ri Yong Ho, who has experience negotiating with rivals South Korea and the United States, will now represent North Korea at the UN. Analysts say Ri's appointment could be a bid to improve ties with the outside world. —AP

Trump in 'Donald Trump's Punch Out,' a parody of 'Mike Tyson's Punch Out.' Image: Jeff Hong

Everything Else

Twitter to Loosen 140-Character Limit
Twitter plans to exclude photos and links from the 140-character limit, allowing people to compose slightly longer tweets. Company executives are reportedly looking at new ways to combat stagnation in user growth.—Bloomberg

Pastor Drops Homophobic Cake Case
The gay pastor who alleged Wholefoods sold him a cake with a homophobic slur on it has dropped the lawsuit and apologized for fabricating the story. Wholefoods says it sees "no reason" to countersue for defamation. —The Huffington Post

Doctors in Canada Could Prescribe Heroin
Canada's federal health agency wants to give doctors the power to prescribe heroin as a treatment for chronic opioid abuse. A proposal would allow them to use diacetylmorphine, a pharmaceutical grade heroin. —VICE News

Trump Takes Over Nintendo Bad Guys
Artist Jeff Hong has launched the Trumptendo, a ROM-hacked group of classic Nintendo games in which antagonists are replaced with an 8-bit Donald Trump. Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Mike Tyson all become Trump in these games. —Motherboard

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