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This is the Only Good 280 Character Tweet

The New York Yankees, a franchise steeped in history, have history's greatest tweet.
November 8, 2017, 4:11pm
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe the 280 character expansion Twitter just rolled out recently isn't so bad after all. Indeed, without it, the greatest tweet ever tweeted in the history of tweeting would not exist. Behold:

For the uninitiated, the numbers in that tweet represent years. The years represent the 27 times the New York Yankees have won the World Series, by far the most of any team in baseball and, not counting hockey (because who counts hockey), by far the most in American professional sports.

Twitter has gotten a lot of flack for expanding its product and doing away with the precision and discipline required to hone a tweet down to its perfect form, but as you can clearly see, sometimes perfection takes a little while to unfurl.