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St. Vincent Just Dropped "Pills," Another 'MASSEDUCTION' Preview

Her signature riffs are out in full force, thank god.

by Lauren O'Neill
Oct 10 2017, 4:42pm

Image via YouTube

I say the name "St. Vincent" at least five times a day right now, and that's because the artist otherwise known as Annie Clark is releasing MASSEDUCTION, her fifth album, on Friday (October 13). This is exciting because St. Vincent rules, and shreds, and all the other good verbs.

In her infinite generosity, Clark has shared a third song from the record, following "New York"and "Los Ageless." This one's called "Pills," and it features Jenny Lewis and Clark's ex Cara Delevigne on backing vocals, as well as Kamasi Washington on saxophone. Apparently, when you're St Vincent, you can basically get whoever you want on your album, because you're dope.

The track itself is great—its swirling vocal repetition gives off a sort of robotic vibe which is very in keeping with the album's aesthetic, and sonically, it nods back to "Digital Witness," while echoing the wailing guitars and thump of "Los Ageless." "Pills" feels like a great encapsulation of where St. Vincent's at right now, and will tide listeners over nicely until Friday. Hear it above.

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