You Need to Watch 'The End of the F***ing World' This Weekend

Meanwhile, I'll be watching 'Paddington 2.'

Jan 12 2018, 4:52pm


Looking for some stuff to catch up on this weekend? Whether it's TV, movies, books, or anything in between—VICE has you covered. Read on for our staff recommendations on what to take in during your downtime:

The End of the F***ing World

Remember late last year, when with every passing week more and more people were talking about how much they loved American Vandal? Yeah, well, you're looking at the next slow-build Netflix sensation right here. The End of the F***ing World is a British adaptation of Charles S. Forsman's graphic novel about two young adults who fall in love, run away from home, and do a lot of really bad shit. It's touching, funny, incredibly grim, and packed with pure emotion—and it's just the right length to watch the whole thing in one damn day. Well? What are you waiting for? —Larry Fitzmaurice, Senior Culture Editor, Digital

Paddington 2

Listen, I'm not even gonna pretend to know who Humpington the bear in the raincoat is. Here's the facts: even the New York Times is losing its shit over the new Paddington movie, and I'll be goddamned if me watching it with neither stakes nor expectations isn't what my goddamn Moviepass was made for. I'd wager on the fact that this movie has a gag where someone steps on a garden rake and it flips up and raps them on the noggin, like real comedy. Maybe it's Hugh Grant. —Emerson Rosenthal

Proud Mary

January's a terrible month for movies—sometimes, it seems like every month is terrible, both for movies and in general, but I digress. Anyway, one of the biggest releases this month is a movie where Taraji P. Henson kicks a bunch of ass. John Fogerty's mad about the title. I guess he's not going to see it. I might, though! —LF

The Commuter

Another constant in January: Liam Neeson movies where he's pulling a Taraji P. Henson (I made it a thing now) and beating the shit out of people. Neeson said he wasn't going to make movies like The Commuter anymore, but I guess he changed his mind. Can you really trust Liam Neeson? Idk, man—I might need his help one day. Don't want to burn any bridges. Anyway: The Commuter was also directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who also directed 2016's Blake Lively-vs-shark-fest The Shallows. That movie was pretty good! Maybe this one will be too. —LF

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman

One of the most redemptive things about being a human being trapped in the prison of a singular consciousness is the fact that there are other people wandering around this big, wet rock whirling through space and time, who, for some reason or another, make us smile. These people are like a glass of ice water in Hell. Time either stands still, or moves much too fast whenever they’re around, and despite how much time has passed since you’ve last seen one another, the ebb and flow of your conversations remain as charming, comforting, and unstoppable as the ocean on a lazy day at the beach. Such is the relationship between former president Barack Obama and David Letterman, who, after two years of retirement, has decided to chat with a friend on stage in front of cameras once a month for the next six months. If you’re anything like me, then you know the ambient Sunday feeling of doom creeping on the horizon. You know Monday will bring with it a tornado of Trump and an onslaught of aggressively sad and distressing news. When that feeling starts to slink up behind you, turn this on. It’ll make you smile like only a friend does. —Patrick Adcroft, Copy Editor/Writer

The Polka King

The Polka King only recently came upon my radar, but it looks fascinating to me. It's based on a true story, concerning a polka bandleader who was sent to prison in 2004 for running an elaborate Ponzi scheme, and even though Jack Black can be extremely irritating sometimes, he seems to be channeling a similar vibe here that he did in Richard Linklater's overlooked 2011 dramedy Bernie. Intriguing! —LF

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