Life is "Closing In" On EverythingOshauN For His New Track

The song comes off his forthcoming 'Almost Everything.'

Aug 10 2017, 4:26pm

As Toronto native EverythingOShauN' gets ready to liberate his second EP titled Almost Everything, he gives fans a sample of what's to come on the XpressakaDJXP-produced record "Closing In." Directed by Fatty Soprano & Shutter-directed visual the visuals use the changing colours to signify conflicting feelings. Paired with the artist's vocals, the lyrics are set to a constantly changing backdrop—and two gorgeous co-stars—as he bellows about the pressures of making difficult decisions. Watch the video and check out the interview below.

Noisey: What was the inspiration behind this record?
EverythingOShauN: The inspiration comes from the human condition we all find ourselves in as I was saying [in the record]. How long can you stand the heat and the pain while things close in until you break or you give up? I've found myself in this type of lose-lose situation many times. I've also seen people in it also which gives me the perspective of both sides. As much as it can be predominantly about relationships (romantic, platonic etc), it can also be metaphoric for just going through shit and talking to yourself. Imagine all the words and instead of you directing them to someone's coming to you, from yourself. It can have the same meaning regardless.

What advice would you give people who are in a situation as you've described in "Closing In"?
When life Is "closing in" sometimes there really isn't much you can do. But I've found It comes down to two things which is to either use all your strength and stop it from completely engulfing you—resisting and fighting. Or you simply remove yourself from the situation that is closing in on you. The real task is knowing when to walk away from it or to stay in it and resist. They both have consequences they both can be right and wrong and whichever one you choose will always have a place in the back of your mind, "Did I make the right choice?".

What can fans expect from Almost Everything ?
Fans of mine can expect a deeper, more emotional side and just more vibes with this one. They can expect well... 'Almost Everything' [laughs]. They should expect to see some recurring themes to connect the music in ways that may go over their head at the beginning but understand that everything is done for a purpose and to an end. If Until Now, my previous EP, was a painting with a broad stroke, Almost Everything would be a more fine penciling detail. The listeners will hear and see what makes me at this point in my life - well, almost everything I'm dealing with/dealt with and looking forward to dealing with in the future.

Sharine Taylor is a writer from Toronto. Follow her on Twitter.