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A Masked Group Called 'The Ungovernables' Caused $100K in Damages in Hamilton

Hamilton’s mayor described the march as “thuggery and criminal activity.”

by Mack Lamoureux
Mar 5 2018, 5:07pm

Photo via Twitter user @OliverioCarmela.

A masked mob calling themselves the “Ungovernables” chased off cops and marched through Hamilton this weekend, causing over $100,000 in damages.

Hamilton Police said that a group of around 30 people carrying a banner that said “We Are The Ungovernables” marched down a popular strip in Hamilton 10 PM Saturday night. While walking down Locke Street the group set off fireworks, threw eggs, fucked up cars, and broke windows. The Hamilton Spectator reported that the crew also set off smoke bombs during their jaunt through town.

Two police officers initially responded to the call but had to retreat after they were pelted by rocks flung by the group. By the time back up—which included about 30 officers and a K-9 unit—had arrived the “Ungovernables” had fled.

During the chaos some of the patrons dining at Locke Street restaurants said they had to hide under tables. One witness told the Spectator that she was locking up her business when she saw the mob approaching her. Describing the situation as “terrifying” she ran to her car and locked herself inside. From there she could only watch as the group threw a large rock through her storefront window.

In a statement, Hamilton mayor Fred Eisenberger described the “Ungovernables” vandalism as “abhorrent, unjustified and against what we believe as Hamiltonians.”

“What happened Saturday is just plain thuggery & criminal activity,” he tweeted as a response to a question on Twitter. “ I will not condone any of it.”

The reasons why the group marched through the city is still unknown but it has been reported that there was an anarchist book fair occurring in Hamilton that same weekend. Police said that they are actively looking into any connections between the book fair and the vandalism.

The cops are also pouring through video of the incident to try and pinpoint who the perpetrators are but admit that they’re having a difficult time due to the masks.

No one was injured during the “Ungovernables” march through town.

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