Watch NEEDS' Video for "Eat the Rich... People's Leftovers" and Engage in Some Good Old Class Warfare

Go ahead and finish that rich asshole's plate of shrimp scampi.

Apr 18 2018, 3:41pm

It’s exhausting living in our trickle-down system where the vast majority of us are meant to toil away for the top one percent. It’s so exhausting, in fact, that after working two jobs and a side hustle, no one has any energy left to fight back against our rich overlords. Sure, class warfare sounds nice but we all have to be up at 6 AM after a double shift the night before. That’s why it’s important—nay, imperative—that we, the proletariat, take every opportunity to exact tiny measures of daily revenge on the upper class. Lick that salmon before it gets served, fart up the Porsche you've been tasked to valet park, and pro tip: a little Visine on the filet mignon never killed anyone.

That’s sort of the message behind NEEDS’ new video for “Eat the Rich… People’s Leftovers” which advocates finishing the food off the plates at your dishwashing job. The band is based in Vancouver, a city which has one of the highest costs of living in Canada, so the sentiment seems to come from a place of personal experience.

And while NEEDS' 2015 self-titled debut had a wonderful sense of post-ironic sensibilities that boasted self-aware lyrics like "What am I doing? I’m 36 years old in a hardcore band,” this track off of their forthcoming follow-up, Limitations, feels a bit more demure and beaten down, even tossing in a Noam Chomsky quote about austerity being a fancy word for class war. But sonically, NEEDS thankfully remain a nod to pre-screamo hardcore bands like Angel Hair and Heroin.

Engage in an act of rebellion, however small, today and watch the video above. Limitations is out on June 22.

This article originally appeared on Noisey US.