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Watch This Extremely Lit Grinch Dance His Ass Off in a Gas Station Parking Lot

Famous Amos’s #ibetyouwontchallenge takes a festive turn.

by Peter Slattery
Dec 19 2018, 5:33pm

Screengrabs via Famous Amos's Instagram

This week, an incredible, #festive clip went viral on Twitter. Behold, my friends, lit Grinch:

No, this is not shrewd viral marketing for the new Grinch movie, but rather the work of Mississippi-based comedian Amos Brazan (AKA Famous Amos), who decided to turn this holiday season the hell up by morphing into Thicc Grinch and just absolutely getting it in a gas station parking lot. You can check out his full routine below:

If this clip looks familiar, it’s because Famous Amos has gone viral doing a similar shtick before. Often dubbed the #ibetyouwontchallenge, the format is consistent and hilarious: As the opening chords of Mouse On The Track and Level’s “I Bet U Won’t” plays, Amos emerges from an unlikely situation to dance, while his trusty hype man provides impeccable commentary throughout.

He's busted out of an ambulance:

Crawled his way out of a coffin:

Broke it down in the middle of a doctor's office:

Climbed out of the trunk of a car, mid-tow:

And done much, much more. So let this be our gift to you: a chance to watch, laugh, and feel a small pang of warmth in this dark world we live in.

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