Angry Old Man Runs Over Dude With His SUV, Is Caught on Tape, Pleads Guilty

Angry Old Man Runs Over Dude With His SUV, Is Caught on Tape, Pleads Guilty

The 69-year-old New Brunswicker went viral last week after a video surfaced of him running a man over.
March 1, 2017, 3:24pm

An elderly man who was filmed running a man over with his Audi SUV in Grand Bay, New Brunswick, last month plead guilty Friday on three charges related to the assault.

According to the National Post , Gene Williams, 69, reportedly pursued a group of men whom he had got into an argument with for 25 minutes, eventually following them into a parking lot, where the now-viral YouTube video takes place.

In the video, one man can be seen shouting "You cocksucker!" as the car stops in the parking lot and begins to circle back. While the woman recording the video begins to stenograph the date, time, and license plate of the Audi SUV, the car suddenly whips back and accelerates into the man yelling the obscenities.

"Oh my god, he just hit my friend!" the woman yells. "He's on the ground, he smoked him!"

When asked if he's OK, the man tells the woman that he can't move his arm, and the video abruptly ends with the woman saying she needs to call an ambulance.

Police say the man suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Williams will be held in custody until April 10, when he will be sentenced for assault with a weapon, dangerous driving, and fleeing the scene of a crime.

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