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Woman Gang Raped, Murdered, and Eaten By Dogs In Horrific Indian Kidnapping Case

People are comparing the brutal murder of a 23-year-old woman from Sonipat to the infamous 2012 Delhi bus rape.
May 15, 2017, 4:08pm
Deli demonstrators protesting violence against woman in 2012. Photo via. Wikimedia Commons

Just days after the Indian Supreme Court confirmed that the culprits in the Delhi 2012 gang rape case will be executed, another horrific gang rape has galvanized the country's attention on the problem of sexual violence against women.

A 23-year old woman from Sonipat—a town in the northern Haryana state of India about 50 kilometers from New Delhi—was abducted, gang raped, and murdered on May 9. By the time she was found two days later, stray dogs had eaten her face and part of her lower body.

The details of the case are utterly harrowing, and reminiscent of the devastating brutality of the infamous Delhi rape known across India as the Nirbhaya case. Police say that the victim was kidnapped from Sonipat and driven to the nearby city of Rohta. She was drugged, gang raped, tortured with sharp objects, and hit repeatedly in the face with a brick in an attempt to conceal her identity. Her killers subsequently ran over her body with a car to further disfigure the body, the Hindustan Times reports.

"The victim was first intoxicated by mixing sedatives in a soft drink. It is believed that the victim was raped and killed after she fell unconscious," Dr. SK Dhatarwal. who performed the post-mortem, told the Daily Mail. "Her head has been crushed brutally, [and] we have also found broken bones. The accused indulged in this brutal act to deface her."

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