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Jeff Mills Announces New Vinyl-Focussed Imprint Axis Audiophile Series

Techno pioneer shares details of upcoming live album and ninth installment in his sci-fi 'Sleeper Walks' series.

by Benjamin Boles
Apr 6 2016, 5:45pm

Photo via Wikipedia Commons

Detroit techno veteran Jeff Mills is launching a new offshoot to his Axis Records label, which will focus on audiophile 180 gram vinyl, pressed from from 32-bit/48kHz masters. The first release in the Axis Audiophile Series will be an album by Mills' techno-jazz band Jino Ohno Mitchell Mills, recorded live at a show in Kobe, Japan.

The band features Mills on drum machine, Underground Resistance's Gerald Mitchell on keys, Buffalo Daughter's Yumiko Ohno playing synths, and Kenji "Jino" Hino on bass. Kobe Session captures one of the group's very first performances last September, and they'll be going on tour this fall.

The producer also announced a new solo album called Free Fall Galaxy, which will be the ninth record of his sci-fi Sleeper Walks series. In typical Mills style, the record is described as "[capturing] the triangular pursuit of a prey that falls victim to its attacker."

Kobe Sessions comes out in May, and Free Fall Galaxy is scheduled for June.

Kobe Sessions Tracklist

A1. "Eventide"
A2. Introductions (MC/translator: Masaaki Ishizaki)
B. "Happy Gamma Ray"

Free Fall Galaxy Tracklist

01. "Medians"
02. "The Hunter"
03. "Gravitational Lensing"
04. "Inner Synthesis"
05. "Solar Crossroads"
06. "Transformation In the Virgo Constellation"
07. "The Hunted"
08. "Rabid Star Clusters"
09. "Tri-angularism"
10. "Spectroscopic"
11. "Entering (The Free Fall Galaxy)"
12. "Irreversible Elliptic Orbits"
13. "Aurora"

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