Radio Slave Brings the Weird to Ellen Allien's

Head banga, hit me.

Feb 23 2015, 7:00pm

Even in an age of diminished attention spans, an extremely long techno track is still a welcome, and at times necessary, element on a DJ's USB stick. This 14-minute Radio Slave remix of Ellen Allien's already-remarkable "Freak The Night" is a testament to this truism.

While Allien's original work, plucked from her mid-2014 EP, Freak, was a warmer journey through thermal bass, dabs of acid, and Roland piano keys, Radio Slave, AKA Matt Edwards, has stretched out the tune to some of the widest measures of tech-freakery possible. Radio Slave's revision ebbs and flows, creating a journey built for peak-hour, but only on the more sophisticated of dancefloors.

"Freak The Night" is available worldwide on Allien's own BPitch Control label on Feb. 23.

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