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Thump x Lil Death Mix Series: Pictureplane

The New Age synth punk and collector of Justin Beiber dolls graces us with his weirdest mix yet.

by THUMP Staff
Sep 10 2013, 10:00pm

THUMP has turned to LA's dark knights Overthrow to curate this monthly Lil Death mix series. Your favorite DJs bend genres like dark techno, paranoid footwork, witch haus and leaned-out trap into a nü-generation gothic bass party vibe. Find them online at month's edition is mixed by the New Age synth punk Pictureplane. Long live the new flesh.

Pictureplane (Travis Egedy), star child of the Tumblr demi monde, looks like what you'd get if your favorite My Little Pony character got into a stash of research chemicals. Like, in a good way. The Santa Fe-born New Age raver, who describes his work as a "performance art experiment that I happen to make all the music for," got his start at the infamous Rhinoceropolis—a punk house for Denver's post-art school outcasts. These days, when he's not hanging out with homies like Grimes and Crystal Castles in New York City, tripping on LSD in Teotihuacan, or composing some of the freshest tweets in the DJ Twitterverse, Pictureplane scurries around the world collecting all kinds of magical objects like Jaguar flutes, obsidian gemstones, Hakim Bey books and… Justin Beiber dolls. His 42-minute mix for THUMP shimmers with witchy weirdness from the likes of Craxxxsoft and SS-Say; consider this the antidote to your post-Burning Man blues.


Survive - "Floating Points"
Suicide Commando - "Murder"
Spark Master Tape - "Pinata"
Klement - "Derby"
Deine Lakaien - "My Decision"
Clouddead x Lil Wayne - "Go DJ Remix"
Craxxxsoft - "Cant'
Martial Canterel - "Don't Let Me Go"
SS-Say - "Care"
Massendefect - "Meine Zukunft"
The Unknow - "Sin"
Teams - "Alchemy"
Dog Leather - "Troll Spray"

Photo by Vanessa Irena

Cover art by Steven Griffin

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