This Drum and Bass DJ Taught His Mum How to DJ and She Totally Killed It

Mum and Bass.

by David Garber
Aug 17 2016, 5:25pm

Screengrab from Facebook video

Whether it's one's inherited physical characteristics, as discussed in's 2007 hit "I Got It From My Mama," or perhaps an individual's knack for philandering—see Birdman and Lil Wayne's collaborative opus "Stuntin' Like My Daddy"—much of the identity and skills we posses as humans comes from our parents. For UK-based drum & bass DJ, Deviation, it appears his knack for mixing up steely beats comes courtesy of his cheery mum.

In a Facebook video posted early yesterday morning, following what we imagine was a brief crash course in how to mix on CDJs, Deviation watches on from beside the decks as his mum dives into a nasty one-minute DJ routine in which she masterfully works faders, volume levels, and, of course, totally nails the infamous drum and bass stank face and hands-in-the-air move. Let's break it down quickly so you see what we mean.

1.The Beat Match

A vital move in the world of DJing, here we see mum swiftly match up the left deck to the right, with her son chiming in with pointers on pitch control and general words of encouragement. Not as easy as it looks people!

2. Hands in the Air Move

While this might not exactly be a technical move, her timing with the bass drop is impeccable. Steve Aoki who?

3. One Up, One Down

Any DJ will tell you that quickly bringing out the volume levels on two tracks playing simultaneously is a great way to instill some energy in your mix—especially in drum & bass when the BPM is rather high. In this segment, mum does it like a pro, before returning to step two with more hands-in-the-air and even a puckered lip head nod (special bonus, always).

Only a day after it's initial posting, the video of Deviation's mum smashing it already is nearing the 1.5 million view mark. Due to explosive support from the comments section in the post, the DJ is reportedly uploading the set to popular online content portal, The LADbible. Either one of the better PR schemes we've seen in some time, or perhaps just a joyous session between a mum and her son, you should take the time to watch the video below. Here's to mums.