A Brief Open Letter to the Seahawks Fan Yelling "Waitress" at the Bills' Kathryn Smith

You probably don't read VICE Sports, but 2016 has been really strange so why not.

by Caitlin Kelly
Nov 8 2016, 11:13pm

To the Seahawks fan who thought that yelling "waitress!" at Kathryn Smith—Buffalo's special teams QC coach who was the first woman to be hired for a full-time coaching position in the NFL—was a sick burn: Believe me, sir, women have heard far more creative insults than your "get back in the kitchen"-lite bit. (In college, for example, someone once told me I looked about as much fun as an abortion on Christmas—that kind of evocative description has staying power!)

And if your intent was to get into Smith's head as an opposing team's coach, well, 1.) she's a NFL coach, I think she can handle it just like everyone else in her position does, and 2.) this wasn't exactly going to cut it, in terms of shock value. I mean, even if you're going to go with the tired gendered insults, have you heard what the country's Republican nominee for President has been saying about women? It's hard to say for sure since we can't totally see the sign you are holding, but it sure does seem like you want to make America great again!

The only vulnerability your heckling exposed here was your own clearly threatened masculinity. And if the only way you can handle being within shouting distance of a woman coaching in the NFL is to yell out your drink order, then I can't imagine the sexist tantrum you're going to throw if a woman is elected President of the United States today.