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We Just Gave This Dude a Harley Davidson Gift Card For Having a Great 'Stache

Dreams truly can come true, if you have a nice enough 'stache.

by VICE Canada
Dec 16 2013, 4:25pm

If you're a motorcycle and moustache fanatic, you may have noticed that we ran a contest to find Canada's most fantastic moustache with our bike riding pals over at Harley Davidson and—according to 1,932 clicks driven from the crazy matrix that is social media—the dude at the top of this article is sporting Canada's most tantalizing 'stache. This lucky guy won about $3,000 in Harley Davidson merchandise which just goes to show, if you have a nice enough stache and enough friends on Facebook, dreams truly can come true. 'Stache on, bro.

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