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The Obama Administration Has Uncovered More Work Emails From Hillary Clinton's Private Account

Another day, another string of "hidden" Hilary Clinton emails.

by Michael Cuby
Sep 25 2015, 8:29pm

Photo via Flickr user Marc Nozell

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Another day, another string of "hidden" Hilary Clinton emails. Earlier this week, during an interview with CBS's Face the Nation, Clinton claimed that she had provided the Obama administration with all of the work emails she had sent from her private account during her time as secretary of state. Apparently, that wasn't the case.

Today, the Associated Press reported that the State Department has uncovered a chain of emails that "were not previously in possession of the department," according to agency spokesman John Kirby. The newly-uncovered emails are reportedly conversations between the now-retired General David Petraeus, who, at the time was in charge of the military's US Central Command, which was running the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The emails—which date back to January 10, 2009—began on Clinton's now-inaccessible AT&T Blackberry email account, but switched to a private email account on her "homebrew" server after about two and a half weeks. From there, the emails continue until February 1, 2009. According to officials, there were less than ten emails sent back and forth between Clinton and General Petraeus.

"Emailgate" has been a source of ongoing controversy for Clinton since March, when news outlets learned of the existence of the private email server. Clinton, a 2016 presidential candidate and the presumptive Democratic nominee, has claimed—on numerous occasions—that "it was allowed, it was above board," and that she is now "being as transparent as possible" in trying to provide officials with the relevant information.

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