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VICE Exclusive: Watch a New Video from AIDS Wolf Side Project Drainolith

The video for Drainolith's song "Danny Kane's Blues" is monotonous, invigorating, and a little psychedelic.

by Charlie Ambler
Apr 14 2015, 10:00pm

Video credit: Joshua Bastien

Alex Moskos is best known as the lead guitarist from Montreal noise punk band AIDS Wolf, but he's spent the last two years working on a solo record as Drainolith. The result is an off-kilter bluesy amalgamation with production help from Wolf Eyes's Nate Young and Neil Hagerty of Royal Trux. Drainolith's music is difficult to describe, but luckily Moskos has made a video that visualizes the vibe pretty well. It's monotonous, invigorating, and a little psychedelic. Watch the video for "Danny Kane's Blues" above.

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