'The Sopranos' Is Coming Back, and So Is Its Famous Strip Club

The club that housed the Bada Bing is back in business.
March 27, 2018, 7:17pm
The Satin Dolls club. Photo via AP Photo/Tim Larsen.

The great state of New Jersey is having a resurgence. First, it got rid of Chris Christie and voted in the billionaire Democrat who's promised to legalize weed as quickly as possible. Then, a few months ago, we learned that the cast of Jersey Shore (well, most of them) would be taking a family vacation to Miami, after years of depriving us of their drunken antics. Next, we found out that there's going to be a Sopranos prequel. (My dad, for one, is very excited.)

And now, to top this all off, the Satin Dolls gentlemen's club, the real-life Bada Bing from David Chase's mob drama, has reopened its doors after closing them in January, NorthJersey.com reports.

While the Bada Bing was the location of many key moments in The Sopranos—like when Tony and Paulie Walnuts decide to have Big Pussy whacked, or when Johnny Sack says he won't murder Ralph for making a fat joke about his wife—the actual Satin Dolls has a modern-Mafia tale all its own.

According to NorthJersey.com, an unnamed manager said that the go-go bar got back in business just two weeks ago. Before that, in January, state authorities had closed it down because Anthony Cardinalle—an alleged Genovese crime family associate convicted of racketeering—owned the liquor license, and they demanded that he sell or transfer it for the place to remain up and running. That's now, apparently, happened: An entertainment company in Parkland, Florida, is partnering up with Vincent Martin, a local town councilman, to snag the license.

It's unclear if Satin Dolls will continue to be a strip club, but NorthJersey.com does note that the signs advertising it as a "gentlemen's club" are still outside, and people seem to be carrying boxes in and out, which is evidence that, in the very least, they know how to transport things.

One can only hope, though, that this New Jersey landmark follows in its great tradition, but until then, all we can do is wait—for the dancers to return, for Tony's dad to riot in Newark, for Snooki and Deena to fall over once again, for me to finally be able to legally smoke a joint on my mom's porch while I listen to Thursday.

Good things lie ahead: Jersey's back, baby.

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