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In Latest Poo Woes, Tim Hortons' Reputation Shits the Bed

These days the once mighty brand is only in the news for shit reasons.

by Mack Lamoureux
May 24 2018, 3:56pm

This hasn’t been Tim Hortons’ year.

Last week a video of a woman taking a shit in one of their stores and tossing it at an employee went viral. Now it appears that Timmies’ reputation just keeps on tanking amongst Canadians. You would almost feel bad for the brand that tried so hard to be the epitome of Canadian values but once you remember how some franchise owners worked their damndest to fuck over their workers, it becomes an easier pill to swallow.

According to the research firm the Reputation Institute, the top five companies in terms of reputation among Canadians were Google, Lego, Rolex, Nintendo, and MEC—the final one is the only Canadian company on the list. Meanwhile, the creators of the double-double have dropped out of the top 50 to 67th—for perspective the brand was rated 13th in 2017.

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The Reputation Institute surveyed 27,000 Canadians in the first two months of 2018 to gauge how they felt about various companies. They’re not the only ones to find that Canadians are turning on Tim Hortons. In April, research firm Leger and National Public Relations found that Canadians’ opinion of the brand is souring and the company dropped from 4th to 50th in their rankings.

The Reputation Institute implies that there are several reasons that Tim Hortons’ reputation is crashing so hard—its merger with Burger King (an American company), its public fight with franchisees in 2017, and the aforementioned fight with workers after a minimum wage hike.

Indeed, most of the news stories in recent months have been about Canadians hating on the company. That only changed recently when their figuratively shitty news cycle become literal after a video came out of a woman screaming at Langley, BC Tim Hortons employees, furiously untying a sweater that was sitting around her waist, unbuttoning her pants, propping up on a booth, dropping a log in an impressively short time, picking up the poo to throw at the employee, wiping her ass with some napkins, then throwing said napkins as well.

It was the closest Tim Hortons has come to a positive news story in a long, long time.

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