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Joel Embiid Had a Great Day of Sports (and Twitter)

The Sixers star took to Twitter with his thoughts on Wimbledon and, later, his Home Run Derby balls.

by Caitlin Kelly
Jul 11 2017, 3:27pm


When Joel Embiid isn't playing basketball for the Philadelphia 76ers (and thanks to some injuries, that's been more often the case than not the past few years), he's been cultivating one of the more personality-driven Twitter presences in the sports world. That is, instead of firing off familiar tweets about, say, preparing for the game or being thankful for every day God gives you to go out there and do reps in the gym, we get Embiid's thoughts on the central love triangle of the amazing CW drama Vampire Diaries.

On Monday, though, Embiid was all about sports. Not basketball, although Summer League is already in peak form. He was tweeting about tennis and baseball, America's other two most favorite sports, especially with the youth.

First up was Wimbledon, specifically the epic five-set, nearly five-hour match between Gilles Muller and Rafael Nadal. Embiid joined the party (at least on Twitter) just before 3 p.m. Miami time, so about four hours deep into what was a "good and exciting" match.

And then, presumably with a tea cup daintily raised, pinky out, in his non-tweeting hand, he called the upset:

Exquisite, indeed. But that wasn't the end of the sports for our tall, process-trusting friend. Embiid was in Miami taking in the sights and sounds of MLB's All-Star festivities, starting with the Home Run Derby that night. As predicted by experts, the New York Yankees' large adult son, Aaron Judge, mashed taters more successfully and more exquisitely than anyone else.

The Derby tweets were the ones in which Embiid reminded us that for all his maybe- just-this-side-of-twee charm online, he could also easily crush our skulls in the palms of his enormous, enormous hands if he wanted to.

Trust the Process.