Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin Are Starring in a Movie That Can’t Be Real

'Blind' comes out this July and are we sure this poster isn’t a prop from '30 Rock'?

by Sarah Hagi
Jun 29 2017, 7:29pm

Update: An earlier version of this story used a movie poster that the filmmakers say was incorrect. We have updated the story and the image. VICE apologies for the error.

In 1996, Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin (who were huge deals) starred in a thriller called The Juror. It doesn't matter what the movie was about, all you need to know is that it earned Moore a coveted double Razzie (she was also in Striptease that same year). A moderate financial success despite being a critical failure, it marked the first and last time Moore and Baldwin co-starred in a movie—until 2017.

Their new film Blind is set to be released in July 2017 and I guarantee it will not be a summer blockbuster by any means. After a friend shared a poster on Twitter, I almost couldn't believe it was real (update: it wasn't). It'd be difficult to understand why Moore and Baldwin were asked to star in a movie again, I can only imagine it's 90s nostalgia is going a bit too far. The film which was penned by two time Pulitzer winner Norman Mailer's youngest son and directed by his eldest son (I'm not joking!!) seems to be part romance part crime thriller, but with the added layer of blindness.

Not unlike The Juror, the plot isn't very important. But by watching the trailer, it seems like Baldwin plays a seductive blind man who lives in an assisted living facility. Moore plays the wife of a bad rich man (Dylan McDermott) who goes to jail, and she has to do community service because the judge believes she kind of knew but didn't really know about her husband's crimes. Her community service is reading to Baldwin, who seems to be channeling 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy but without the jokes. From there, they fall in love and they keep mentioning that he can't see her, which I mean—we know. McDermott gets out of jail and tries to kill Baldwin, etc. And the entire time you're left wondering why this movie called Blind when it's clearly about a cuckold's revenge.

Again, most important thing you need to know about this movie is the poster. Which is this:

I'm not sure where to begin. To show Baldwin is blind, they have him staring off into space with Moore standing there with her eyes closed, likely feeling deeply remorseful for cheating on her bad husband. By looking at this do you think Dylan McDermott will play a serious doctor or best friend, because how else could he fit into this movie? Surely this doesn't give off the darkness that lurks deep into the plot.

Perhaps the weirdest of all is that this makes the movie look like a romantic drama, which it isn't at all. I'm so scared to think a nice middle-aged woman who just wants to relive the good times will see this poster only to see Dylan McDermott smash Alec Baldwin in the legs with a golf club because Demi Moore is in an unhappy marriage.

Again, this all leads back to a "why" for which there is no discernable answer. How did this movie get made? How did two seasoned actors get involved in this project? How did Norman Mailer (a shitty human but notable writer) birth not one, but two children who thought this would be a good idea? Why is it called Blind? OK, I can probably answer that last one. I feel like one day, I'll be really sick at home and end up watching this on a television station that plays a lot of commercials for life alert necklaces and subsidized insurance for old people. Until then, I can only ask why.

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