Dave Reps the Hard Graft in His Sam Smith-Featuring "100M's" Video

A shout out for anyone who's ever done a paper round.
May 31, 2017, 2:18pm

There's a lot to be said for putting the work in. Beyond wanting you out of their hair, the people who looked after you growing up may have insisted you get a weekend job to learn about the value of money and the "character building" virtues of the hard graft. You could've tied your hair back to wipe tables in a nearby cafe, spent your time stacking trainers or trousers in a shop—or, as we see in the opening scene of south Londoner Dave's new video, chucked last night's news at people's doors in a paper round.

We've already written about how much track "100M's" goes in, so won't repeat ourselves here. Now the song with all of its focus on a bank statement that reads more like a barcode has matching visuals, documenting one kid's steps from a day's work to picking up the treat he's saved up to buy. Along the way, you encounter Dave, spitting on the street and behind an off-license counter. Look closely and you'll spot cameos from two PRM Records label affiliates: "100M's" producer SG Lewis and, yes, that really is Sam Smith (???) at about 1:33. To be fair, he appears over a line about MOBOs, Grammys and Oscars (he's won all three) and was already shouted out by Dave in a wordplay bar on "Revenge":

You ain't got money on your mind like the Sam song / And me and you can't chill out, so why latch on?

Annnyway, watch the video and its ode to rolling up your sleeves and getting to work above.

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