A Toronto Record Store “Accidentally” Sold a Brand New Burial Project Called ‘Young Death’

Five copies were sold on Black Friday and the mysterious DJ’s label is mad.

by Alex Robert Ross
Nov 28 2016, 3:05am

via Hyperdub

On Black Friday, Sonic Boom Records, a record store in Toronto, sold five copies of a brand new 12" from the elusive British DJ Burial that they weren't supposed to sell. Now, a handful of people have their hands on the record and Hyperdub, the label behind the project, is mad.

According to Pitchfork, the record is called Young Death and features two new tracks, "Young Death" and "Night Market." The project surfaced on Discogs later on Friday. Blair Whitmore, a buyer at the store, told Pitchfork that he assumed the record, which said simply "artist/title" on the sleeve, was a "secret Black Friday listing." He added that "it wasn't really clear to us that we weren't supposed to be selling it" and that he received a call from a Hyperdub employee this morning who "was not happy" about the sale.

Young Death, then, is Burial's first solo release after collaborating with Zomby on "Sweetz" early this year. He hasn't released a full project since 2013's acclaimed Rival Dealer EP.

No audio has yet surfaced online. We will obviously update this piece if the tracks appear.

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