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Dead Obies: Made au Québec

In this short VICE documentary, Simon Coutu spends time with the Dead Obies—the post-rap group that put Quebec's Frenglish movement on the map. For them, mixing English and French isn't a political statement, it's just good fucking music.

by VICE Staff
Oct 26 2016, 4:44pm

Post-rap group Dead Obies grew up in French, in Montreal and its suburbs, but they unapologetically blend in a lot of English in their lyrics. Much like their fans, they have only vague memories of the last referendum, if any at all. They are part of a generation that doesn't have any hang-ups about the national language.

In the debut of VICE Dossiers Quebec, Simon Coutu meets with Dead Obies, who put the Frenglish movement in Quebec on the map. VICE follows them in studio, on the road, and backstage to get a sense of what the movement really looks like. They discuss the music industry's refusal to fund them, the Quebec media's misguided attempts to blame them for a "decline of French," and the new aesthetic avenues "franglais" opens to rappers.