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Luu Breeze's "La Senza" Will Instantly Undress the Dark Depths of Your Soul

The Toronto-via-Nova Scotia singer is out here making shadowy lingerie store odes you didn't know you needed.

by Phil Witmer
Mar 21 2017, 3:23pm

Nova Scotia is known for the kindness of its people and abundance of fisheries, which doesn't seem like the kind of environment that's conducive to R&B songwriting, but the now Toronto-based Luu Breeze is here to break initial misconceptions with "La Senza," a song that will also probably result in the conception of children. 

With abyssal production courtesy of MostHigh and S.L.M.N, Luu Breeze sings of making room in the backseat as his voice gets chopped & screwed into sludge during the titular chorus. It's ominous, but definitely not the ominous direction you'd expect a song about lingerie stores to go. Listen to "La Senza" below.

Phil is a Noisey Canada staff writer. He's on Twitter.