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Stephan Bodzin on His Nineteen-Person Remix Album

The German techno DJ premieres a brand new track with THUMP.

by THUMP Canada Staff
Dec 3 2015, 6:00pm

After the success of this summer's profound Powers of Ten LP—a hugely personal affair blasted in clubs all over the world—influential German techno DJ Stephan Bodzin has invited a group of artists to remix the album's signature tracks. Some of the producers on deck include Maceo Plex, Fur Coat, Extrawelt, and longtime musical sparring partner Marc Romboy—each breathing fresh life into the source material.

Most notable is Crosstown Rebels act Fur Coat, whose take on "Singularity" is a brooding main room track that locks you into its groove and never lets you go. The remix is arguably the gold standard of the collection.

As Powers of Ten (Remixes) readies for its December 18 release on Herzblut Recordings, THUMP caught up with the visionary Bodzin to chat about his new release.

THUMP: What was the thought process in including these artists on the Powers of Ten remix album?

Stephan Bodzin: All the artists on this album are either good friends and/or highly respected colleagues who I've followed for years. For example, Fur Coat. They did this amazing remix of my track "Sungam" last year and I just couldn't resist repeating myself, so I asked them to edit "Singularity." The result is absolutely stunning. I feel honored to have been able to assemble such an outstanding team for my project.

Was it difficult for you to give over your album to not one, two, or three, but over 15 different artists to reinterpret your work?
No, it wasn't. All my music, and also my performances, are not for me. They are for the audience. It's all to share. I'm simply proud and happy to see other wonderful artists showing their perspective on my work.

Do you feel all the contributing artists stayed true to the spirit of the original Powers of Ten?
They stayed true to their very own spirit first of all, and that's actually what I expected when I requested the remixes. And fucking yes, yes, yes. I'm mega thrilled with how the work has been received.

Stepping in your shoes for a moment, how do you approach a remix yourself?
First, I try to choose the right originals for a possible remix. The original content must be inspiring; it has to have something touching, like good harmonics or melodies. I mostly start working on new harmonic interpretations of the original by adding a totally different bassline to the melody, or the other way around—like that very simple arpeggio I put behind Marc Romboy's monster bassline of "Hypernova". It's more or less invisible and tiny, but really essential for me.

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