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Hudson Mohawke Shares Soaring New Track from His Album, “Play N Go”

The LP, ‘Watch Dogs 2,’ drops tomorrow.

by Krystal Rodriguez
Nov 10 2016, 8:45pm

Photo courtesy of the label

Glaswegian producer Hudson Mohawke has shared a new single from his forthcoming album, Watch Dogs 2, ahead of its release tomorrow on Warp Records. The track, "Play N Go," soars, clangs, and glitters throughout its four-minute duration, punctuated by grandiose, drawn-out chords that could make club walls crumble at the right volume. Listen to it below.

Watch Dogs 2 is HudMo's third album following last year's Lantern. It also serves as the official soundtrack to Ubisoft video game Ded Sec—Watch Dogs 2, which is set in San Francisco and follows the main character, hacker Marcus Holloway, as he teams up with the Dec Sec collective to dismantle a shady operating system controlling city infrastructure. As the producer noted upon sharing "Play N Go" yesterday, the game "ironically... has a parody [of new President Elect Donald] Trump and [pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin] Shkreli" in it. "Picked a hell of a week to move to the US," he added.

Listen to the first single from the album, "Shanghaied." Following the album's release tomorrow, the video game arrives on November 15.