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Kid606's Back with a Dubbed Out Take on Actress' Already Sparse "Bird Matrix"

The IDM prankster returns with a cautious, careful, colossally good remix of an Actress original.

by THUMP Staff
Oct 26 2015, 7:38pm

You remember gltich and IDM and breakcore and all that fun stuff that you've probably read about on websites like THUMP because you were but a child when swathes of anorak-clad men littered record shops the world round stockpiling Mille Pleataux compilations and Jason Forrest albums, don't you? Of course you do!

You'll remember, then, that Miguel Trost De Pedro, aka Kid606, was, for a period, one of those artists who managed to get himself into both The Wire — for his more 'serious' work — and the NME — primarily for his mashup compilation The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You the Fucking Jamswhich can only be applauded. Since those heady days, he's turned his hands to all kinds of experimentation, most notable easing into the world of ambient with 2010's Songs About Fucking Steve Albini, a record that actually lives up to it's title. Honestly.

De Pedro's ability to mingle bold, bald experimentation with the classical constructions of music that nominally looks toward the club for inspiration and recognition, reminds us of another artist — Darren Cunningham. As Actress, Cunnhingham has spent the last few years creating incredibly intricate, greyscale worlds of sonic semi-sonambulance, resulting in records as singular as Splazsh and Ghettoville.

Back in May of this year, Cunningham's addition to the long running DJ Kicks series arrived on shelves and harddrives. It was one of the more avant-garde mixes released in 2015, taking in everything from Authechre to Shit And Shine, Mark Fell and Chez Damier. A beguilling listen, for sure, and definitely one worth persevering with, for those of you at home who prefer things a tad more linear.

The end of this month sees !K7 dropping a few remixes of Cunningham's own contribution to the compilation, "Bird Matrix". As well as a dystopian take on the tune courtesy of Italian duo Simbiosi, that man Kid60's dropped a few refits of his own.

In addition to the rising and rolling club mix, De Pedro's also delivered a suitably sparse dub version on the B-side, which we're delighted to be bringing you exclusively right here on THUMP. Check it out in full below:

The Bird Matrix Remixes release drops via !K7 on October 30th.