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Jlin Pushes the Limits of Her Sound with New Track

"Nyakinyua Rise​" is off her forthcoming 'Dark Lotus' EP, which will be followed by an LP in May.

by Alexander Iadarola
Jan 23 2017, 9:08pm

Release artwork courtesy of the label

Indiana producer Jerilynn Patton a.k.a. Jlin today shared the indefatigable track "Nyakinyua Rise," off her forthcoming Dark Lotus EP for Planet Mu. Combining a swam of acoustic percussion with tectonic shifts of subbass and vocal samples chopped into transcendence, the song finds Patton in the thrall of rigorous experimentation.

In an interview with THUMP last year she described what was her forthcoming music as "very far left of footwork," and "Nyakinyua Rise" certainly fits the description. While the listener can hear some of the Chicago genre's rhythmic phrasings and drum machine patterns in the track's DNA, Patton creates a relentless, molten sound entirely her own, etching out abstract forms without sacrificing emotional impact.

She will release her sophomore album Black Origami in May, following her 2015 breakout LP Dark Energy.

Dark Lotus will be released on digital and vinyl formats February 10, and is available fore pre-order.

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