Ferry Corsten Remixes Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Ahead of Coachella Collab

McMahon will sing live during New World Punx' set at Coachella.

Apr 9 2015, 2:05pm

Photo by Sean Hagwell

Indie rock and trance usually go together like ice cream and vinegar—which is to say, they don't. Yet, here we are, with a soaring remix by trance god Ferry Corsten of a track by Andrew McMahon, the singer-songwriter from Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin. McMahon also performs solo under the name Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, and he'd written a power ballad called "Cecilia and the Satellite" (check the original version below).

The song was about his two-week-old daughter Cecilia: "I wanted to give her a sense of who I was before she arrived in the world. The lyric revolves around a series of events in my life; failures, successes, etc. I wanted to give some context for what life could throw at her but affirm that I would always be there watching out," McMahon tells THUMP (aw). When Corsten approached him for the remix, McMahon jumped. "I love the energy he brought to the song with the double time sections and that he chose to carve out such a sparse backdrop for the lyric," he says.

This weekend, McMahon will join Corsten and Markus Schulz at Coachella—McMahon will sing live during their set as New World Punx. "I truthfully have no idea what to expect. This will be my first time guesting for an electronic artist and I'm very excited about it," McMahon admits. "Dance music has such a powerful effect on an audience and to be onstage at Coachella taking that in is going to be incredible."

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