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Meet Fuzzy, Oprah Winfrey's Resident DJ

Along with a chat, we get a mix of Oprah-only tracks she played on the show.

by Issy Beech
Apr 27 2016, 3:25pm

You know Faustina Agolley AKA Fuzzy-to-her-friends-and-also-everybody-else from such shows as Video Hits, Cybershack and The Voice. You may also know her blog, her music or about her recent coming out. And if you were invited to Snoop Dogg's Gold Coast pool party in 2011 (oh, you were? I don't remember seeing you there...), you'd have seen her scritchy-scratching on the decks, which I have decided would've been between two inflatable palm trees on a ten foot tall purple, glittering podium, surrounded by hired goons with fireworks going off every two minutes. Fuzzy, don't ruin this for me.

But unless you're a serious enough fan of Oprah Winfrey (Ultimate Dream Mum/Unofficial Ruler of the World) to see her on her Australia and New Zealand wide arena tour An Evening With Oprah, you probably won't know that Fuzzy can now add "Basically Oprah's Hype Woman" to her CV.

Other than buttering up the crowd every night as Oprah's resident tour DJ, Fuzzy also played privately for Oprah and some of her VIP fans. According to her, the brief she was given was "a 15,000-person dance party." Throughout the tour Fuzzy witnessed Beyoncé dance-offs, marriage proposals, and—of course—numerous spiritual connections. And just in case you didn't already legit think Oprah was the most generous person on earth, Fuzzy told us that she spontaneously gave away a first class trip to a newlywed couple to ~anywhere they wanted in the world~ and when they picked America she said "Come visit me!"

Fuzzy getting 15k fans ready for An Evening with Oprah

"Seeing Oprah in the flesh, dancing and twirling and asking for the volume to be turned up on choice cuts had me saying to myself, 'is this for real?'" she said. "I researched her and found out that Paul Simon's 'Graceland' is one of her favorite albums, and she loves Adele's '25', particularly the song 'Send My Love To Your New Lover' so that got played in every city. 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' was played right before she hit the stage. 'Higher Ground' was her entrance song. It's what Oprah's all about. 'Gonna keep on tryin' 'til I reach my highest ground.'"

A picture Oprah gifted to Fuzzy

So, on this holiest of all days, Fuzzy premieres a mix of the songs she played on the tour and for Oprah personally, right here on Thump. It's more or less a selection of the biggest upper songs in history—what being around Oprah for a mere second is probably like. So kick back, close your eyes, and enjoy the brief sensation that even one person cares about your opinion, let alone an arena of devoted fans.

Oprah, if you're reading this, I love you. And you did the right thing with Lindsay.

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