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Check Out a Cut From Gui Boratto's New Label Compilation

Listen to AnT's melancholy screamer "Two Strangers" right here.

by THUMP Staff
Mar 18 2016, 3:46pm

Gui Boratto's D.O.C., a sub-label of Cologne techno stalwart's Kompakt is the home for top-tier Brazillian underground talent. Which meant that when we found out they were putting out Magnum Vol.1, a handpicked selection of previously unreleased material, we found ourselves literally fizzing with excitement. Names like Elekfantz and Shadow Movement might not mean a huge amount to you yet, but after a few spins of the compilation you'll be as enamoured with them as Gui is.

We decided to catch up with the main man himself ahead of the record's release.

THUMP: Gui! How've you been recently? What's good in your life at the moment?
Gu Boratto: I'm very good and very busy. Thanks for asking. Of course I'm touring a lot, but also very involved with our D.O.C. artists and finally working more in the studio with most of them. I'm currently very focused on the label.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about the genesis of the label, and its place in the Brazillian underground?
When I decided to put out a platform that could, in first place, translate the kind of music I think is atemporal, despite the specific sub genre it's really belongs to. I'm saying that D.O.C. isn't necessarily a house label or a techno one or a synth pop one. I'm trying to give people a sense of the variety with which artists that can express their music, their art.

Is Magnum Vol. I a perfect overview of what D.O.C. have done to date?
Yes, I think D.O.C. Magnum Vol.I translates the variety of "our" electronic music approach very well. It's not "The Best Of D.O.C." kind of release. We have a 100% of unreleased music here.

How do you find the artists you go on to sign?
My friend Ale Reis, is always digging for new artists. He's helping me with the A&R. But also there's a lot of people sending their music to our inbox. Honestly, we listen to almost 100% of what we receive. In the other hand, we don't have as many slots as we wanted. Also we don't want to put out too much music. It would be too much information to our audience. And, NO, we don't release exclusively Brazilian acts, but people from all the globe.

Finally, tell us a little about what we can expect from the label in the year ahead.

We've just started to do some D.O.C. showcases, which is a music event, with our D.O.C. artists and our own decoration. So, people can have, not only for their ears, but also a complete experience of what we are.

We did a couple of important D.O.C Showcase events last year in Paris, London, São Paulo, Rio and big events like ADE in Amsterdam last year, and this year, the incredible opening of our carnival at Warung and a D.O.C tent at Tomorrowland Brasil 2016. I'm very happy to do this kind of event. It's nice to provide to the people a full night with our artists.

As a treat, you can hear AnT's melncholy house screamer "Two Strangers" below. It sounds like every sadlad banger you've ever wept to on the dancefloor. Enjoy.


A1 - Monolink - Faces
A2 - AnT - Two Strangers
B1 - L_cio - Schwantes
B2 - M.A.S. - Driven By You
C - Shadow Movement - Lies
D - Elekfantz - To The Bone
E - HNQO - Balinese Death
F1 - Come and Hell - Waste
F2 - Monotype - Começo

The D.O.C. are on: Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // Instagram // Soundcloud