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You Can Thank a Drake Concert for Inspiring the Name of the xx's New Album 'I See You'

Y-you can thank him now.

by Sarah MacDonald
Jan 11 2017, 9:27pm

What do Drake and the xx have in common? First off, they are both glaringly emo and that's great! Normally, the similarity would stop there but it seems that the 6ix God has influenced the culture more than we initially thought. the xx reportedly sampled "Doing It Wrong" off Drake's emoest Take Care on their track "Naive." It also serves to note that Jamie xx sampled Gil Scott-Heron on "Take Care." But now in a new interview with Rolling Stone about the British band's new record I See You, Romy Madley Croft shines a light on where the band got the album name and we can thank Drizzy himself for that.

Madley Croft's retelling of Drake pointing out to the crowd is decidedly sentimental and sweet:

"The record's title, I See You, was conjured after a band outing at a Drake concert. "He just called out to all these different people," Madley Croft laughs. "'I see you, in the purple jumper! I see you. ...' It was really funny but you know, it's warm, it's affirming that you see your friend. You feel understood and you don't feel as alone."

One of Drake's favourite things to do during a show (other than a left side vs. right side competition of loudness) is to get a lil' personal with his attendees. It is one of his best aspects as a performer. So it's nice to know that, even when he isn't shouting out his hometown literally all the time, he can make anyone feel nice and included. The xx's I See You will be released this Friday. Read the whole Rolling Stone interview here and think about how Drake is permeating every single part of your life.

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