Trump's 9/11 Fist Pump Is Now Just a Photoshopped Meme

And they're almost as absurd as the original.

by Drew Schwartz
Sep 12 2018, 7:14pm

PNG of Trump via Rob Sheridan / Twitter

On the 17th anniversary of September 11th, Trump arrived in Pennsylvania for a memorial service honoring those who died on United 93, making a beeline for the crowd gathered before him and greeting them like a WWE star about to walk into the ring:

Given Trump's past insensitive and downright bizarre comments regarding 9/11, the display wasn't all that surprising. But his jazzed demeanor quickly circulated on social media on a day dedicated to mourning the loss of nearly 3,000 lives in remembrance of an unparalleled national tragedy. Seeing as Trump's fist pump would be more at home at a monster truck rally, or really literally anywhere else than a September 11th memorial service, artist and writer Rob Sheridan offered the internet a way to give the out-of-place snapshot a better home—turning Trump's celebratory thrust into a handy PNG.

The denizens of Twitter took Sheridan's call to "do your absolute worst" in a few different directions, beginning with the purely goofy:

There was an entire series of fight memes:

The expected, straight-up demeaning ones:

And then, perhaps most fittingly and definitely most disturbingly, there were memes of Trump reveling in disaster, from the Hindenburg to the violence in Charlottesville:

Somehow, no matter what you photoshop Trump doing—whether he's perched on a toilet, gnawing into a massive hunk of corn, or cheering on the explosion of a zeppelin—none of these images are as absurd as a president who actually acts like this on a national day of mourning.

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