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Watch NASA's Eclipse Livestream and Marvel at Our Universe from Your Desk

See the sun get dark and then bright again for a few minutes without sizzling your retinas.

by VICE Staff
Aug 21 2017, 5:15pm

Photo via Flickr user Takeshi Kuboki

On Monday, the big rock spinning around our bigger rock will cross in front of an even bigger ball of burning flame and dazzle a large swath of the US with a total eclipse for the first time since WWI.

Witnessing these large celestial bodies aligning is a rare and awe-inspiring opportunity and a much-needed reminder of how small and insignificant we truly are in a universe full of giant stones and gaseous balls hurtling around one another. But also, it's Monday afternoon, and not everybody has the great luxury to drop everything they're doing and wander over to watch the sun get dark and then bright again for a few minutes or whatever.

If you're one of those people stuck at work or just didn't feel like spending hundreds of dollars on paper eclipse glasses that may or may not sizzle your retinas anyway, worry not—you can just pivot to video. NASA is livestreaming the whole thing right now, so kick back and marvel at the majesty of our natural world from the comfort of your desk.

NASA's livestream will follow the eclipse across the US on its path of totality from Oregon to South Carolina. It'll intercut shots from various NASA aircrafts and feature some colour commentary from the folks in the International Space Station, as well as reporters in various sites witnessing the eclipse. It'll probably be more fun than sticking your head in a box to watch the thing, anyway.

The livestream started with a pre-show at 12 PM EST, with the main sun-blocking event beginning around 1 PM. Give it a watch above.

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