Edmonton Terror Attack: City Rallies Around Police and Somali Community

Police have arrested a 30-year-old man on terrorism charges.

by Rachel Browne, Hamdi Issawi, Justin Ling, and Mack Lamoureux
Oct 2 2017, 3:11am

Inspector Trent Forsberg addresses the Edmonton rally.

Edmonton, Alberta is rallying together after a suspected terrorist attack sent five people to hospital, including one police officer.

At an event held Sunday night, aimed at expressing solidarity with both the Edmonton Police Service and the city's Muslim community, hundreds of locals assembled outside city hall to denounce the attack and any hate that may stem for it.

"What they are trying to do is divide us, but this will unite us, and we will overcome as Edmontonians, as Canadians, and most of all as human beings," said Ahmed Abdulkadir, leader of a Somali community organization.

"That the events of last night don't define who we are as Edmontonians, but it will be events like this and our response to the message of hate that will tell the world who we really are," Inspector Trent Forsberg of the Edmonton Police Service told the gathering, adding: "I don't think that, as Edmontonians, we are prepared to go quietly into the night."

The rally comes the day after a calculated and seemingly planned-out attack took aim at the provincial capital on Saturday night.

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