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The 'Jersey Shore' Reunion Got a Second Session Before the First One Even Aired

They'll probably outlive us all.

by Alex Norcia
Feb 28 2018, 9:59pm

New Jersey is not known for its endings. At 68, Bruce Springsteen still performs four-hour shows and stars in his own Broadway productions. Artie Lange continues to have a career. David Chase didn't even write a conclusion for The Sopranos. And now, as we all know, Jersey Shore is coming back—and, by the looks of it, not going anywhere either. According to Deadline, MTV has already booked a second season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation before the first—the upcoming reunion in Miami—hits TV.

It's unclear if the gang's next trip will be back in Florida, the beloved Jersey Shore house, or Italy, but everyone must have gotten along well enough this time that MTV felt confident enough to book another get-together before seeing this seasons's ratings. It seems that Mike "the Situation" and Ronnie, thankfully, have made amends, considering they were spotted test-driving Lambos and not drunk in their South Beach apartment throwing furniture at each other recently. The duck phone, always a high point for drama, has apparently reappeared without causing a permanent severing of relationships. Did Mike spare Snooki and Deena a hilarious prank and restrain from calling a cab company to take them to Little Rock? (Maybe he's already got enough drama in his life.)

This is the first—and now second—season in what will hopefully be a long resurgence. Just imagine Mike, fresh out of a New Jersey correctional facility at 60, joining DJ Pauly D as he calls out bingo numbers. Or Vinny, in 2058, advising the SoundCloud rapper who's become our president about why we should have been worried about biotic processes decades ago. Or Sammi, just showing her face at all. Try to convince me you're not pumping your fist.

What more is there to say? Just grab a chair and plop down in the sand because Governor Christie was wrong: We're staying the hell on the beach.

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Alex Norcia is from New Jersey. Follow him on Twitter.

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