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ABRA Is At Her Dark, Dreamy Best on New Track "B.R.A.T."

The brooding track is produced by ABRA's frequent collaborator Father.

by Lauren O'Neill
Jan 17 2018, 2:52pm

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With any luck, 2018 will yield a new album from ABRA, self-styled Darkwave Duchess and—for my money at least—bedroom R&B queen. Last night she teased new music via Twitter: "i'm over numbers i just wanna share," she wrote. Shortly after, she released a new track, "B.R.A.T.," on her Soundcloud page.

Produced by Father, "B.R.A.T." follows ABRA's pretty singular lo-fi R&B formula, which—while also being the perfect soundtrack to sitting in your room casting love spells—will transport you to a smoky basement in a European city if you close your eyes. It's a win for ABRA who, as well as having established an instantly recognizable sound with the cherry of her soft, youthful vocals on top, is also a magnetic live prospect,. Both times I've seen her play, she moves hypnotically and barely defers from record in the vocal stakes—it'd be exciting to see her taking more new material like "B.R.A.T." out for a spin in future. Listen to it below.

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