ALX Brings Floridian Heat on an Escapist Voyage in "Don't"

The Space Miami resident treats us to exotic sounds and kittenish tempos in his new release.

Aug 18 2015, 5:41pm

With exotic drum-heavy sounds and kittenish tempos, ALX embarks on a jungle-esque musical voyage with his new track "Don't."

"Everything I do in music, every new track, every baseline, every beat, is done for the experience," says the Miami-based producer, who lists crafty techno powerhouses like Victor Calderone, Richie Hawtin, and Carl Cox as influences. "Nothing gets me more pumped than seeing people captured by the sound."

While his music is a consequence of a careful attention to detail, his introduction to the world of electronic music could be considered fate. ALX was introduced to the genre when a friend's DJ equipment was left behind at his house.

Now a resident at the legendary Space Miami, ALX is accustomed to producing out-of-this-world deep techno anthems. "Don't," the title track off his latest EP, perfectly demonstrates his capacity to create flavourful escapist tracks that effortlessly omit the wondrous heat of South Florida.

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