Slava Shares a RuPaul-Inspired First Taste of Bossa Nova Civic Club's New Compilation

'Bushwick is Melting Vol. 3' also features Max McFerren, Physical Therapy, and M/M.

by Alexander Iadarola
Dec 15 2015, 2:43pm

Photo by Casimir Krupinsky

Bossa Nova Civic Club is one of Brooklyn's most prominent dance music institutions, active as both a fog machine-equipped bar in Bushwick and an in-house label. So far, they've released two installments of their Bushwick Is Melting compilations, which spotlight local heroes like Aurora Halal, DUST, and Black Meteoric Star AKA DFA-affiliate Gavin Russom.

The third volume of Bushwick Is Melting, out now on Sisterjam, features the likes of 1080p and Allergy Season's Max McFerren, breakbeat professor Physical Therapy, 1080p and Exo Tapes-affiliate M/M, as well as Software-signee Slava. We're excited to premiere that last artist's contribution to the comp, "Shante," a dreamy, organ solo-laden slice of melodic house. The artist gave THUMP some backstory: "I was watching a lot of Ru Paul's Drag Race," he neatly explained. "[It] was a really good season. That's where the sample is from."

Bossa Nova boss John Barclay, who also just opened a new restaurant down the street, gave some further context for the track: "Slava played this live at 285 Kent for Aurora Halal's Mutual Dreaming Series in 2012," he said. "I think what one might now refer to as the Bushwick house/techno 'scene' had it's genesis around there and around that time. A lot of people who never thought twice about dance music would complain about the $10 cover, and 40 minutes later would be drenched in sweat and epiphanies and never turned back. Motherfuckers were getting baptized on Kent Ave. It was a spectacular and confusing time and this was the soundtrack for it."

Give it a spin below, and check out the cover art—Erez Avissar's photo of DUST frontwoman Greem Jellyfish—while you're at it. You can also buy the vinyl, and download the compilation on iTunes.

Bushwick is Melting Vol.. 3

A1. Slava - Shanté

A2. Max McFerren - Is Sinful

B1. Physical Therapy - Love Schranz

B2. M/M - Sphere 3

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