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Killing It: The 'I Told You So' Edition

Dubstep takes the trophy, Yolo Bear gets into trouble, and Swedish House Mafia makes (another?) documentary about themselves.

by THUMP Staff
Oct 25 2013, 9:00pm

There's enough gossip going around the world of electronic music that it probably deserves its own TMZ, Gawker, and Perez Hilton. We keep track of the drama, the beef, the LOLs, the dramatic build-ups, and the tragic drops so you don't have to. Now, let's see who killed it this week.

We posted last week about Dirty South Joe's Facebook rant claiming that masked DJs are taking away from Jersey club producers' shine. Then we went in-depth with many of the Jersey DJs and their fans in yesterday's feature. One of the DJs that continues to crop up in the discussion was DJ Yolo Bear, one of the most well-known masked DJs. This weekend Yolo Bear is Djing with Brenmar, who invited some real Jersey Clubbers, DJ Uniique and DJ Tiga to play along  with them. We will definitely be at this event.

The DJ Mag Top 100 went up and you would think by 2013 they would have gotten it together. There are a few things we have learned from this: Daft Punk is a DJ, Dj Bl3nd has an Internet swarm behind him placing votes, and who Da Tweekaz are. Sigh.

Last night was the RBMA Culture Clash in Miami, FL. The four teams were Moombahton Massive, Black Chiney (Walshy Fire from Major Lazer and crew), Basshead and Slow Roast Records. All four teams brought it with custom edits and dubplates and brought out guests like Diplo, Noreaga, and the all stars of moombahton. Basshead sealed the deal when they brought out Trick Daddy to sing "Nann." Congratulations to the underdog once again.
American Hardcore band Altitudes will never try to skip out on a payment again after the engineer they were working with got fed up and turned their new song into a cheesy EDM anthem. The funniest part is the band decided to explain themselves in the comments section. Biggup "Dan" the engineer. We need more people like you.

We read on Mixmag that Google wants to patent the "heart hand" gesture! What?! What is every single festival DJ gonna do now? Also whoever wears Google Glass to the club should be banned for life.

Recently blog house-turned-dubstep-turned-cumbia DJ (for a second)-turned-just-angry-dude-on-the-Internet Deathface wrote an article about subcultures being dead. And while he has a lot of good points he seems to call himself out several times without even noticing. We remember you Johnny Love.

I think these guys are having a really hard time accepting that they broke up. Or did they? Can't remember. Supposedly this second documentary they have coming out touches on the "struggles of being a DJ." Because we all know they really struggle and their lives are very hard.