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Tour Diary: Cyril Hahn's Backstage Photo Roll

We asked him about his tour. He sent us pics from his camera phone.

by THUMP Staff
Oct 2 2013, 6:00pm

Swiss-born, Vancouver-dwelling Cyril Hahn—known for his eerie, pitched-down distortions of pop divas like Mariah Carey and Destiny's Child—recently wrapped up a short European tour, taking the stage at Dublin's Electric Picnic before hopping over to England's Bestival. We asked the R&B remix god, who's signed to Disclosure's PMR label, to give us a peek of life on the road, from standing three inches away from Julio Bashmore's face to staring down at thousands of adoring teenage girls. (No one said being a DJ is easy.) Rather than just yapping our ears off, he forwarded us a few snaps from his phone's camera roll... captions included. 

On my way to England's Isle of Wight for Bestival. Yes, I'm on a motherfucking boat. 

Going back-to-back with Sir Julio Bashmore. 

So this is what my Soundcloud followers look like...

A ship flying through the air at Bestival. Normal.

A DJ booth INSIDE a ship at Bestival... not normal. 

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