zion williamson

Watch High School Sophomore Zion Williamson Dunk Over Everything

Zion Williamson is just a sophomore but he is built like a goddamned tank. The most graceful tank you have ever seen.

by Joseph Flynn
Dec 13 2016, 8:18pm

Zion Williamson is quite a basketball player, rated No. 3 in his national recruiting class by ESPN and No. 2 by Rivals. We're talking about the class of 2018 here, which means, yes, Zion Williamson is a high school sophomore. He just happens to be built like a goddamn tank, with handles for days, and hops that would make Zach LaVine blush. He showed off his entire repertoire by scoring 47 points for Spartanburg (S.C.) Day school, and blowing everyone's minds in the process.

At one point the opponent matches Williamson with a player nearly as big, so our man Zion simply crosses him up like a prime Allen Iverson before hitting the help defender with a behind-the-back move and finishing the and-1 layup.

But the top highlight has to be the in-rhythm 360 dunk, when young Zion finishes the spin early enough in his leap that he has time to cock the ball back a bit further before jamming it home.

I'm starting to think this guy might be a little too advanced for high school ball.